MongoDB vs PostgreSQL 2023 Comparison

Data that is huge in Volume (size), Variety, and Velocity (speed) is known as big data. In this article, we will explore what big data is and how it’s transforming businesses to help them increase revenue and improve their business strategies and processes. You can also partner with these developers for your next software development […]

Software Development Consulting Rates in 2023

We offer IT consultation from our senior specialists that’ll help you choose the best tech solution for your specific case. IT consulting prices start from $125 to $175 per hour, with the project cost from $50,000 to $5 million. While IT consultants in the United Kingdom charge $100 per hour, Ukranian specialists charge less for […]

function points “Test Item” and “Test Condition” in Software testing

The professional arrives before the meeting and has one hour to analyze the written proposal and prepare his critique. The critique presentation is then made verbally during the board meeting; reactions of members of the board or the audience include requests for explanation of specific points or informed attacks on the positions taken by the […]