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Nurturing development with holistic education for children with autism, ADHD and learning challenges.

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Why do people choose us?

  • Each child works with a team of qualified and dedicated therapists.
  • Our multidisciplinary team includes Child Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Speech & Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapists, Autism Therapists and Special-Education Teachers.
  • Our therapists have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Special-Education or Speech and Language Pathology. We are also experienced in Applied Behaviour Analysis, and certified teaching permit issued by the Ministry of Education. 
  • We follow stringent SOPs and enhanced sanitation for the safety and health of your child. All of our therapists are fully vaccinated, wear face mask and face shields, and practice physical distancing. 


  • Your child will benefit from a holistic approach to support overall development. 
  • Our programs are personalised to your child with an Individualised Education Plan (IEP)
  • Targeted programs for speech and social communication, positive behaviour, social skills, life skills, self-help skills, sensory needs and more. 
  • A caring and dedicated team that cares deeply for your child’s well being, happiness, development and progress.
  • We believe that every child can learn. And learning should be fun!


  • Holistic Program – 1 to 1 therapy, includes ABA, OT, speech program, social skills, life skills and school readiness. Saturday classes available. 
  • Inclusive School Program – 6-8 students to a class with 2 therapists. Personalised education plan based on the Canadian Education Curriculum (Ontario)
  • Home Program – Our dedicated therapist work with your child in the comfort of your home. The home program includes ABA, speech & communication, social skills, life skills and functional academics. 
  • Occupational Therapy – 1 to 1 therapy focused on fine-motor, gross motor and sensory integration needs by a certified Occupational Therapist. 
  • Speech Therapy – 1 to 1 therapy focused on speech and communication by a certified Speech and Language Pathologist. 
  • Learning Support Aide – 1 to 1 shadow aide services in international schools with our trained therapists.
  • Developmental screening and assessment by Child Psychologist and Program Supervisors. 

Brightstars was founded in 2014 and is a licensed Special-Education Center by the Ministry of Education.  Reg: 600-9/1/5/312

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Hours: 9.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Saturday

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