Father’s Day

Father’s Day Fathers are our heroes ❤ We are gearing up for Father’s Day! All the kids are busy making cards and presents for their dads. They made individualised keychains for their beloved daddy 🙂

Fine Ways To Build Fine Motor Skills

Fun ways to build fine motor skills! Our students enjoy the games and activities targeted at supporting the development of fine motor skills in the hands and fingers, thus improving their handwriting too.

Sensory Friendly Movie Screening : Preparing For The Cinema

Sensory-Friendly Movie Screening: Preparing For The Cinema Our hardworking Brightstars team is finalising the details for our 1st Movie Day outing event. Thanks to MBO Cinemas, who have gone out of their way to ensure that the event goes smoothly, we have made special arrangements for the movie to be [...]

Brightstars: Registered Special-Needs School With MOE

Brightstars: Registered Special-Needs School With MOE We have been granted the Sekolah Pendidikan Khas (Special-Needs School) license by the Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia! We have been granted the Sekolah Pendidikan Khas (Special-Needs School) license by the Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia!

Improving Social Interaction For Children With Autism

Improving Social Interaction For Children With Autism WHAT MAKES A FRIENDSHIP GROW? These two boys are playing the peg board game together. They also look at each other and make eye contact, they smile at each other, take turns, laugh together, they compromise and help each other out when someone needs help. The boys cultivate friendships [...]

Benefits of Play for Children with Autism

Benefits of Play for Children with Autism Happiness is….. PLAY! As part of their ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) program, we incorporate lots of play activities. Engaging in play keeps our students motivated to learn and maximizes their focus during table time. Play is an integral part of child [...]

Sitting Straight At The Table | Supporting Postural Control

Sitting Straight At The Table | Supporting Postural Control Is your child sitting slumped at the table? Is he able to sit up straight in the classroom? Targeted kneeling movements supports postural control. Postural control is important as it helps to strengthen the backbone thus supporting the child to sit straight at the table in [...]

Arts For Autism : Chinese New Year

Arts For Autism: Chinese New Year The students made tanglungs for Chinese New Year! Arts & Crafts is an excellent way for children to learn about cultural diversity and participate in various holidays and celebrations. Every child can learn!

Adapting Teaching Styles

Adapting Teaching Styles Adapting teaching styles to better meet the needs and interests of our students is crucial! Learning does not have to be limited to a classroom setting or to pencil and paper. Maybe they need to move their whole body, or find sitting for long periods too much, [...]