Project Description

Improving Social Interaction For Children With Autism

These two boys are playing the peg board game together. They also look at each other and make eye contact, they smile at each other, take turns, laugh together, they compromise and help each other out when someone needs help. The boys cultivate friendships and improve their social skills.Children with autism face challenges in social interaction, With targeted support, many of our students are better able to cope with social interaction and even develop friendships. It is beautiful to see it develop and grow in front of our very eyes. As part of our ABA program and holistic curriculum, social skills play an integral part of therapy. Some of the skills we teach include :

  • Play skills – sharing, turn taking, compromise, dealing with ‘no’.
  • Friendship skills – personal space, understanding emotions, reading facial cues, body language, dealing with conflict.
  • Conversational skills – greetings, joining a conversation, verbal turn taking, listening skills, talking about a shared topic, ending a conversation and many more.